The beauty salon “Nefertiti” is one of the first salons in Vilnius; thus, it can be called an “old hand” though a team of young skilled masters work for it. A good master must remember that the client places reliance upon the master’s creative attitude towards work. Our goal is to ensure each client’s satisfaction to be experienced as a result of the rendered services. The professionals of our salon not only take care of our clients’ appearance on weekdays and holidays, but they also embody their fantasy while creating hairstyles, makeup and clothes, which are assigned for fashion shows and show-programs. A cosy atmosphere, warm welcome and high quality services contribute to the clients’ propensity to visit the salon “Nefertiti” again and again. Dyeing of hair, perms, hair-dresses for festive occasions, etc. – our professionals’ hands are capable of doing all this. Your high spirits is a warranty of quality of our work!


10656595_10201648779060397_334373972_nMoreover, we offer You to acquire a product, which is popular among our clients, i.e. a gift coupon! You can pleasantly surprise Your close friend, family-member or relative with this wonderful gift on any occasion!